Searching for documents

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and run a search using the Scopus Document search form.

To go to a search form from any Scopus page, click Search on the Scopus header.

The Document search form guides you in creating a search on your research topic.

We use double quotes to mark “lung cancer” as a phrase and not just separate words.

In this example, we want to search for documents relating to lung cancer.

We want lung cancer or adenocarcinoma to be the main subject of the documents. So, let’s search for the terms in the Article title, Abstracts, Keywords field.

Let’s add the term smoking to the search.

To search additional terms, add a search box.

Select a connector from the AND/OR/AND NOT drop-down list.

Then enter the additional terms and select the fields in which those terms should appear.

The Document search page offers a variety of search refinements which are accessible by using the Limit feature.

You have the option to limit your search results based upon Date range, Document type, and Access type.

Use Date range options to limit your search to a certain time period.

Limit your search to documents that have been added to Scopus in the last 7, 14, or 30 days.

The default setting is 7 days.

Use the Document type list to limit your search to a specific type of document, such as reviews or conference papers.

Scopus has a number of documents labeled as Open Access (OA). OA refers to content in which all peer reviewed, scholarly articles are online and available without any restrictions.

You have the option to select whether or not to search only on Open Access documents available in Scopus.

Once you have entered your search terms and made search selections, click Search.

Your Document search results page opens.

Let’s return to the Document search page.

You can see previous searches ran during your current session in the Search history table.

From the Search History table, you can view the results list of a specific search by clicking the number of results.

You can set up an alert or an RSS feed for a search.

You can save a search for use or reference in another session.

You can edit and re-run a previous search.

You can also combine searches and re-run them as a single search.

You can add even more detail to your search by using the Advanced search form.

For more information, see the Scopus online Help.

This concludes our tutorial for a document search.

For more information about performing a Document search, see the Scopus online Help.

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