Searching for authors

This tutorial demonstrates how to find and track an author’s publications, as well as review author details.

Let’s look at how to create a search with the Author search form.

To display the form, click Authors.

An Author search looks for all the variations of an author’s name that are online.

You can also search using an author's Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID).

Let’s say you want to review articles written by Stephen Watts. To create a search, enter the author’s name in the appropriate fields.

You can limit the search so it only retrieves authors whose names are an exact match to the name you entered.

You can also limit the search by the affiliation associated with the author.

If you choose to use an author’s ORCID identifier, the search is mutually exclusive from other entered search criteria and will search ONLY on the entered ORCID.

Click Search to run the author search.

The search results include all authors whose last names contain Watts and first name Stephen.

The search results are listed in descending order by default.

Click Edit to return to the Author search page to edit your search terms.

Click Show exact matches only to limit the search results to the exact order the name is written.

For example, searching for Author Last Name “smith” and Initials or First Name “j.l.” finds Smith, J.L. and not Smith, L.J.

So,”Smith, J.” only finds Smith authors where J is the first initial. There can be other initials after the first initial, but J must be first.

Scopus provides the option to refine your list of author search results and provides options to limit the results list according to more specific categories.

For an author search results list, you can refine the results based on:

Select an author or multiple authors to activate results list options.

Click Show documents to display a results list for a selected author or authors.

You can track how often articles (such as from a particular author or journal) have been cited by using the Citation Overview.

Select up to 15 authors whose document citations you want to view and then click View citation overview. The Citation overview page opens.

Use this option to request that Scopus merges a selected number of authors from a results list into a single profile.

From the Author results list, click the checkboxes next to the authors’ names you would like to merge into a single author profile.

Click Request to merge authors. The Author feedback wizard opens.

You can change the sort order of the author list.

Author search results are sorted by the number of documents, highest number of documents first.

To sort them by different criteria, select one of the other available options.

There are many features on the results page that can help you find out more about the author.

Click an author’s name to view their Author details page.

This is the number of documents that an author has published.

Click on the document number to view a result list of documents published by the author.

The search results also show you the subject areas and the most recent affiliations associated with an author.

City and country residence for the author is also provided on the author search results page.

Click the author’s name to open the author details page.

The author details page includes author name variations, links to other documents written by the author, and links to documents which have cited the author’s work.

The author details page is discussed in more detail within the tutorial for Reviewing author details.

This concludes our tutorial for conducting an author search and using author search results.

For more information on conducting an author search or reviewing author search results, see the Scopus Help.

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