Searching for affiliations

This tutorial demonstrates how to find affiliations, as well as reviewing affiliation search results.

Let’s look at how to create a search with the Affiliation search form.

To display the form, click Affiliations.

An Affiliation search looks for all the variations of an affiliation’s name that are online.

Enter a search term which best represents an affiliation.

You also have the option to search for documents by affiliation.

Use this option to open the Document search form and search for documents based on affiliation information.

Let’s return to the Affiliation search page and continue the search.

The Document search fields are pre-set to search based upon affiliation information.

Click Search to start your affiliation search in Scopus.

The search results include all affiliations which contain Michigan within its affilation name.

Click Edit to return to the Affiliation search form to edit your search criteria.

Scopus provides the option to refine your list of affiliation search results and provides options to limit the results list according to more specific categories.

For an affiliation search results list, you can refine the results based on:

Select an affiliation or multiple affiliations to activate results list options.

Click Show documents to display a document results list for selected affiliations.

Click Give feedback to open the Institution Profile Wizard to request updates for a selected affiliation.

You can change the sort order of the affiliation list.

Affiliation search results are sorted by the number of documents, highest number of documents first.

To sort them by different criteria, select one of the other available options.

There are many features on the results page that can help you find out more about the affiliation.

Click the Documents number for an Affiliation or Institution to open a document results list.

Click an affiliation title to open the Affiliation details page.

For more information on affiliations, see the Scopus Help.

This conlcudes the search for an affiliation tutorial.

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